Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cool Cat

Summer temperatures have arrived. Here by the lake it is absolutely perfect, great weather for sitting on the back porch to read a book or fold laundry. We've been taking out supper outside the past few nights and I find the back steps a wonderful place to enjoy my breakfast. Bo Cat finds the cool concrete a good place to cool off.

Cottonwood fuzz is flying through the air and collecting up in the grass up near the grocery store in town. I am thankful to have no cottonwood trees very close to my house. Though it looks cool floating on the breeze, it causes me grief and I roll up my windows when I see it coming.

I haven't heard anything new on my uncle, but the doctor put Mom on some antibiotics to help her with her cough yesterday. I hope she is feeling better and will have to call her later this afternoon. And now, I need a nap...


  1. I hate the cottonwood seeds! Unfortunately someone near us has one.

  2. Our neighbors have one, and we HATE it. It is all over our lawn right now. Dave has talked (a couple yrs ago) with the neighbor about possibly getting rid of it, but I don't think it bothers the neighbor. My allergies are horrible when the cottonwood seeds are blowing around, but I have been told that my allergies aren't due to the cottonwood seeds, they're from other things that are out at the same time. :\ I feel drowsy today too.

  3. I know what you mean about the cotton wood seeds. It covered the path during my bike ride to school. It made it look like it snowed!

  4. I hope your nap was refreshing and didn't include concrete! ;)
    Glad your uncle is doing a bit better. :) :) :)

  5. Sounds like a nice place to hang out and drink a cup of iced tea. Don't know what Cottonwood seeds are.