Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Change of Plans

My morning started out with doing laundry and keeping track of small children. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. We spent the morning in the yard and even ate our lunch on the back porch. That was when I got the phone call...

It was Leta on the other end of the line. She had taken Mom to Urgent Care because she was short of breath and they were sending her to the hospital in an ambulance. Could I meet Mom there? I made some quick arrangements for the kids and set off to spend the afternoon with my mom. They gave her extra oxygen and a diuretic, did a chest x-ray, hooked her up to some monitors, and left us to wonder why she was there. After five hours a doctor showed up, decided her oxygen levels looked good, and said she could go home. The chest x-rays were clear and she was looking better. (That was about ten minutes after saying she was going to be admitted... ) You've got to love hospitals...

My Uncle Chuck is showing improvement today. He's finally responding to the antibiotics (he's on three), is still sedated to help him rest, and will likely remain in the hospital for the next week. I asked the Lord for mercy through tears last night. Mercy for my mom who I believe needs her brother right now, and mercy for my sisters and I who have no brothers to turn to if we need help with Mom. I came to the sudden realization that not only do I love my Uncle Chuck intensely, but he is also the last family patriarch. Time marches on and life continues to change.


  1. Time marches on, and like we talked about yesterday, God is always good.... even when he doesn't answer us the way we want. I am so relieved things are looking up. I'm not ready for any more of those kind of changes just yet...but then again, am I ever?

  2. What a few days you have had. Glad you mom is home and OK, and your Uncle improving.

    I remember when it hit me that Don and I are the patriarchs in our family. Time does march on, and I have to agree with Rachel... God is always good.

    In my prayers...

  3. Hope today is better!

    Time marches on....I've thought of that so many times in recent months!

  4. yep, you have your plate full now. and You will forever. Don't ya just hate growing up?

  5. The plates are full and every once in a while they get jostled a bit. It's hard to keep them all spinning.

  6. I am glad your mom is okay. Those scary phone calls give us the grey hair despite our good intentions to trust God and believe He works things for the very best. It is no fair, either, that you washed your hair and STILL ended up in the E.R......