Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out and About

It was so nice out yesterday that I took the girls for a ride down to Irondequoit Bay to feed the birds before they take the bridge out for the summer. They had fun tossing bread to the ducks, geese, and swans and dipping the toes of their boots into the edge of the water. We ran out of crackers all too soon but a woman had been there just previous with a huge bag of bread and rolls so we picked a few of those off the beach and tossed them as well.

While Hannah and I kept an eye on the girls, Ben took a few pictures for me. Not only are there gulls and water birds, but a handful of pigeons were hanging around hoping for a morsel of bread too. I don't believe any of the birds were too hungry. They probably don't know what it's like to go without a meal.

After stopping to wash our hands we spent some time at a local playground. We crossed a footbridge over a creek to enter the park and I asked the girls if they thought a troll might live underneath. Bella smiled and said "Nooo!" but Emma suddenly became apprehensive. I'm happy to say we crossed the bridge safely and got to the field on the other side. The girls bounced from one piece of playground equipment to another, often losing each other in the process. Hannah kept her eye on one and I the other as they ran in opposite directions. One day we will have to pack a lunch and make a return trip.

The weather today was just as bright and sunny but quite a bit cooler.


  1. I miss youu and your famila!

  2. How come you had the girls on Saturday?

  3. Looks like a perfect day out!! Trolls under the bridge? I remember that story!

  4. Rachel, I wrote this yesterday (Saturday) and referred to the events as being "yesterday" (Friday). Friday was the warmer day. Saturday was a little brisk.

    Chels, I missed seeing you at church this morning. Where have you been hiding?

  5. My grandma is sick, and we had to stay with her till REALLLY late on Saturday, so I wanted to sleep inn(: