Saturday, March 13, 2010


It was a cold and rainy day in upstate New York. The sun did not peek through the clouds and rain pelted the windows. The good thing about spring rains is they wash away the remainder of lingering winter snows. The bad thing is the ever growing "puddle" in my backyard. It looks especially bad this year. I'm kind of missing the rock wall we had buried in the fall. It broke up the landscape and added some interest...

So anyway, I am dreaming of sunshine, warm weather, and green grass. I'm dreaming of flowers in my gardens, chairs on the back porch, and Jasmine tanning herself in the yard. (She's due home any day now...) I'm dreaming of cookouts, long walks, and no mud. I'm looking forward.

There is a "For Sale" sign in my front yard. I'm not sure any potential buyers will be interested in this kind of "waterfront" property... Anyone have a dinghy we could borrow? maybe I'll just stay...


  1. I hope Jazzy comes home soon, I like it when she's home. What will she think when you move away? I guess she'll have to make friends with a new neighbor.;) Do you think the guy will miss her?

  2. I think anyone who looks at your property would say How exciting it has a pond. Waterfront property is said to add a 15percent increase to the value of your home. I walked through my back yard today. Looking at the dry dirt. Plants beginning to peak through the soil. I am excited for the newness of spring. I pray that you have peace about the prospect of moving, and that our Lord will give you strength to see it through.

  3. We have 'waterfront' property at the moment, too! LOL! We were calling it a pond a few days ago...I think it's officially a lake now. I do hope your home sells look at that new bath/laundry and someone should fall in love! :)