Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Praise and Exaultation

For all people walk each in the name of his god, But we will walk in the name of the LORD our God Forever and ever.
Micah 4:5

Last night I picked up a new book, one my husband found in the bookstore at church. It's just a little book, "Continuous Revival: The Secret of Victorious Living" by Norman Grubb. The book caught James' eye because a friend of ours had known Norman Grubb personally. Clif had been encouraged by Norman, and we were encouraged by Clif.

I want to walk with Jesus. I can not go back to yesterday and walk there and I can not reach into tomorrow. I must reach out this moment and take my Savior's hand; only in this moment can I follow in His steps.

I am learning something new about keeping my focus on Him. There have been and will be moments when I glance away and sink beneath the waves as Peter did, but in that moment I must make the choice to turn back, to look into my Saviors face, to call His name. He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Choice. He gives me the choice. He is always there waiting, waiting to walk with me if only I am willing to walk with Him.


  1. I understand now why God says He is the lamp unto my feet. Not ahead, not overhead, not behind. He lights our path at our feet so we must trust him with our futures, and not look back. We must be with him right here and right now. I will not put that lamp down, or look away, for in the distance is only darkness. I so hate the darkness. Every day I take up my lamp, and follow him. And when I fail to do that. I get no where. Thank you for your posts. Oh and by the way I like my potatoes with chives also.

  2. Tell me how you like the book, maybe I'll read it too.

  3. The name Norman Crubb rang a bell in my mind. I ask my husband and he remembered years ago we heard him speak in Santa Barbara at a church.

    I had forgotten that, but remembered we were impressed with the man and his walk with Christ.

    Let me know how you like the book, I might try to find it.

  4. I like this post. It's like a mini devotional. :)