Friday, March 19, 2010

Do They Grow on Trees?

I saw a sign for sale at Goodwill the other day and felt myself smile. It said, "If idiots grew on trees, this would be an orchard." It might not be a very nice thing to say, but my smile wasn't because I am surrounded by idiots, it was because I am surrounded by orchards. I think I'll go back and get one of those signs just for the fun of it.

The robins are back so, even though we are expecting a possibility of snow next weekend, I know spring is on its way. This robin was not pleased that I was in the orchard and let me know so in no uncertain terms. I was skirting Teal Lake and had no choice but to walk under her tree.


  1. did I mention I like the pic of you and James, very nice.

  2. I always think fruit trees are so ugly when they loose their leaves for winter. You really can see the pruning that way...but then, that's what makes them produce, right? They look better with their leaves...just like people look better with their clothes. LOL!