Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Number Two

It was a beautiful day to go out; sunny and mild. I needed to stop at the bank and get groceries in Webster, so decided to make a quick run down to the Irondequoit Bay outlet before they pull the bridge out for the summer. I took some unwanted cereal along to feed the ravenous crowds.

Though I made several trips to the bay last winter, this was my first stop this year. Ben and Hannah stayed in the van while I got out and tossed old Cheerios to squawking seagulls and suspicious Canada geese. The swans didn't bother to climb out of the water today, but were more than happy to gobble up whatever I chose to share.

Maybe one day I will actually take those two little girls out to feed the birds, though sometimes the birds at the bay are slightly intimidating. Reminds me of that old Alfred Hitchcock movie every time as flocks of screaming seagulls fly overhead.


  1. I love the great pictures Martha. I loved the movie, "The Birds" by him.

  2. Wonderful pictures Martha ~~ It so reminds me of feeding the birds when we lived in Santa Barbara by the ocean.

    That Alfred Hitchcock movie was a thriller.... I still shiver when I think about it.

  3. Beautiful! It was nice and sunny here, too! So enjoyable to be outside!!

  4. What a gorgeous day to do this!

  5. :j, the ant go marching two by two...
    Pairing up seems to be the norm this time of year... nothing new under the sun. hugs.

  6. How pretty!
    Thank GOD for SUNSHINE! :) And such beautiful birds!