Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Pie for My Guy

We went to church in town on Sunday evening. They always have desserts. James had a piece of pie; lemon meringue. He likes lemon meringue.
I said, "If you want me to make one, just say so."
He said, "So."
"Tell me when," I said.
"When," said he.

This afternoon I gathered my pie making supplies and put on my cook's cap. I cooked up a beautiful pie. It came out of the oven looking like a winner; golden crust, lightly browned meringue. A prize winning pie? Maybe.

Sadly, an hour or so later, the meringue had shrunk and pulled away from the sides of the crust. (This always happens.) I looked up "shrinking meringue" and found that not enough sugar will cause the topping to shrink. Next time I will try adding an extra tablespoonful or two of sugar. The good news is, it tastes yummy either way.


  1. It looks delicious, shrinking meringue and all!

  2. Martha, could you give me your recipe? Alan really likes it, too, but I have not had good fortune with lemon meringue pie.

  3. It is very nice that appearance doesn't generally change the taste.

  4. It looks tasty and ... you really looked up "shrinking Meringue"?

    ya made me giggle today. Thanks

  5. Yes, I really looked it up. :)

    And I got quite the giggle out of Tattler's report on Papa's blog yesterday too. Just ask Josiah about his adventure with oysters on the half shell. Oh, not good!

  6. Kudos, Martha! It looks great either way! Ten-to-one James won't even notice if you don't mention it!

  7. I always notice shrinking meringue!