Monday, March 01, 2010

Do the Shuffle!

I could hear the music playing in my head as I moved things from here to there this morning. The photo albums came off the bookcase and went into the little dresser/commode in my bedroom. The framed pictures came out from behind the dresser doors when the albums went in. Some of the pictures went down to the bookcase and some went into a covered box under the dresser. (Do the shuffle!) I cleaned my upstairs hallway. The boxes of things to get rid of came down to the dining room. The pack and play crib went up to the hallway. (Do the shuffle!)

Bella and Emma were also doing the shuffle. They were shuffling toys around the house. The Beanie Babies came out of the baskets and went onto the floor. Toys were removed from the shelf and scattered across the rug. Books, almost all of them, graced the coffee table. Fisher Price people had been removed from the bucket and lay staring at the ceiling. The girls were busy and I was busy.

I had downsizing on my mind; sorting and selling, boxing and bagging, tossing and trading. We once again have too much stuff. It is time to clean out and thus I am shuffling things from here to there in a concerted effort to put away the things I want to keep and haul away those I can do without. It appears a monumental task. Anyone else up for doing the shuffle?


  1. Oh Martha, you have no idea how badly I need to shuffle! I started today by cleaning out my car, and trunk...oh my goodness, how much stuff can get stuck in a trunk.

    Our garage needs a big shuffle, and I waiting until the rains are over, and we can spread it all out in the back yard and sort for trash, goodwill, yard sell, and keep!!!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. 4, 3, 2, 1, Shuffle!

    This Friday is the last day of my long-term sub job, then I'm READY to shuffle!

  3. Oh yeah....I do it, but I call it puttering. Amazing how the 'stuff' accumulates, isn't it!? I love to move it out and feel uncluttered.

  4. I am working on shuffling, too! So far, I have made a bigger mess, but I see hope just around the corner!