Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Just Imagine

Spring is making a valiant attempt at arrival. The skies have been sunny and clear for several days, the temperatures mild. The snow is melting and it was a wonderful day for a walk.

Since I was unable to take two sleeping, bootless girls out for a mud walk, I decided to go on an imaginary walk by myself. (Bear with me here. I don't get out much...) I pulled on my boots and jacket, and trudged through the thick, slushy snow in the back yard and made my way to the orchard road. The trees were naked and cold looking, and I could see all the way to the lake from the top of the hill.

The Canada geese had left web-footed footprints in the soggy ground near the snow-covered pond. Though I had previously heard loud honking, the flock was nowhere to be found, only scattered feathers and goose droppings in the mud and snow.

Down a row of apple trees I met a stranger. I know better than to walk in the orchard alone, so I asked if he would accompany me but he just stared and waved me on without saying a word. A rather cold fellow I decided.

Though the sun shone bright, there was still a bitter, cold wind blowing off Lake Ontario. My ears were starting to ache deep inside and I put my mittened hands over them to warm them up and turned for home.

I was glad to get back inside and sit by the wood stove with a cup of hot tea. The girls were just starting to stir. One of them opened her eyes and said, "Martha, I'm hungry."


  1. Thanks for taking me with you, this bed gets mighty lonely. I do make short treks to my husbands computer.

    Since I can't go downstairs very often I have had my jump rope shortened and it is easier to navigate since the concentrator is upstairs in the foyer.

    Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it and will go back to bed.

  2. Oh, what a nice walk. Thanks for bringing me with you. :) Maybe we can go together for real soon.

  3. What a nice walk! I'm sure you were itching to go out. In reality it wasn't cold enough for mittens or earmuffs...well, maybe by the lake. I took a walk with Koty and didn't even wear a jacket, although I did have a fleece vest on.

  4. Joy, thanks for coming along. Bethany, you too.

    Rachel, by the time I really wrote the post it was already cooling off again, and it is quite a bit colder by the lake. It always is.

  5. Michael says that you write like Dad. That is a piece of him that you will always have with you. :)

  6. perhaps the imaginary walk turned out better than a real one would have.

  7. Neat post. I enjoyed reading it.

  8. Love it. I wore my earmuffs. ; D