Wednesday, March 03, 2010

War Paint and Tears

Josh came over. He played markers with Hannah. She drew him a nice picture and he colored it. Josh had a dot of marker on his cheek which he tried to "wipe off" with another marker. Looks a little bit like war paint to me. He even managed to get stripes on both cheeks. Pretty talented.

We went to Lukie's house. He was glad to see us and ran back and forth through the living room. He showed us his toys. He showed us the vacuum cleaner hose. His Grandma made a noise in the other end. Lukie didn't like it. He cried. (Isn't he cute?)


  1. Kids ~~ you gotta love them!

    Jesus said "Let the little children come to me....and hinder them not. Then He held them, and blessed them and loved them.

  2. Some kids like that, obviously not this one. :)

  3. Josh is so cute. We haven't seen him (or Beth and Adam) since Christmas...way too long.

    Lucas is cute too! I saw him today when I brought Mom back from our visit with Tim. Lucas sees me often enough where he knows me now. I like that. :)

  4. That was me...oops! Weren't we just talking about this earlier?

  5. That is quite a nice collection of grandchildren you have there!

  6. Wanda, it is a continual lesson to me. "Hinder not..."
    Judi, he made us laugh.
    Rachel, you make me laugh. Maybe you need to change Jake's blog to Koty's.
    Heather, yes, it is a nice collection

  7. Since Jake's blog is no longer active, I'm very curious as to why Rachel ends up commenting as him so often.

    Lukie is so cute. Good think no one turned that vacuum cleaner on.

  8. It wasn't connected to the vacuum cleaner, it was connected to me. :)