Friday, March 05, 2010

And a Dash of Drama

Along with small girls comes a little bit of drama. We had an episode yesterday on the way to school when M told B she was sick.
"No, you're not!" replied B.
"Yes, I am!" said M, "I fell off a ladder yesterday and now I am sick!"
"M's faking." B told me as I climbed into the van after buckling the little boy passenger into his seat.
"Is she?" I replied.
"Yeah," said B.
An argument ensued. By the time we drove down the street and around the corner, M was working up a rather healthy crop of tears. She scrunched up her face and poured on the drama. By the time I opened the door to unbuckle her, I'd seen enough. "Stop that crying right now!" I said. "You have nothing to cry about."
She looked surprised and attempted to stifle her now full force act. She sniffled as we walked toward the school and I took her hand. I think she had forgotten all about why she was crying in the first place and was now heartbroken over the fact that I had gotten after her. She continued to sniff and gulp air. Once she had her jacket off I took her in my arms and gave her a hug. "I still love you," I said, "Are you okay now?" She shook her head and held on. We sat for a little while until she collected herself and went off to play dollhouse with B.

Today we had another piece of drama. I wasn't watching but Ben says one tried to grab from the other. Loud "no's" were exchanged. One small child jumped up from the floor and threw her face into a pillow on the couch. Loud wailing followed. The other child cried quietly in the corner. They were no longer friends... but that was ten minutes ago, before I told the wailing child that she had cried long enough. Now they are friends again, playing toys and chatting happily.

Why do these exchanges amuse me so?


  1. Sounds very entertaining. :)

  2. "You've cried long enough." that sounds like a good one. One of the lines in my family was "do you want me to give you something to cry about?" (treat of spanking which generally was never needed)

  3. My mom was also known to ask "Do you want me to give you something to cry about?" I may have threatened my own with that too, but not these little ones. I think one small child was a little overtired this past week. She hasn't cried like that for quite some time.

  4. don't little ones have hormones too?