Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stone Soup

It is a yearly project. Mrs. Kay reads the story and then the children get to make Stone Soup. She has kept the same stone for 28 years and it is still working! All the children were asked to bring in some kind of vegetable for the soup. There were carrots, potatoes, green beans, onions, celery, and snow peas! Mrs. Kay added some ground beef and macaronis and it was perfect. What a great soup! The best part is parents and babysitters are invited to join in for the meal. Bella asked for seconds.

Unfortunately, not all three and four year olds like soup. Emma was sure she didn't want any. The bread and butter looked much more interesting to her. She would have been content to forget the soup altogether, but Hannah had her taste it anyway. Colton didn't want his bowl anywhere close to him. He pushed it all the way to the other side of the table and filled up on bread and crackers.

It is a gorgeous day, close to sixty degrees and still sunny. The yard is wet and muddy. The driveway is wet and muddy. If I dared to send the kids outside, they would be wet and muddy. It seems almost a crime to keep them in on such a great day. It seems a crime to keep me in on such a nice day.


  1. Martha, I put my foot down and told them they couldn't go outside because of the mud...well, guess where they are? Outside. It would be a crime to keep them in. Winter has been too long and too dark and too cold.

  2. I love the picture of Bella happily eating her "Stone soup". Happy eaters make me happy!

  3. Yum! I've always loved that story...what a great idea to make the soup, too.

    We're wet, muddy, and warm here, too! I sloshed through it all to run errands today. ha..ugh.

  4. Thank goodness for soap and water! and washing machines, and extra clothes and a good babysitter. : D