Friday, March 12, 2010

Legal Documents

Sign on the dotted line... I met my sisters at Mom's house this morning and we signed legal papers; one set to give me power of attorney, another to make Rachel health care proxy, and a third to add all three of us to the deed to Mom's house. This bit of business had been weighing on my mind since soon after the holidays and I am glad to see the task accomplished. I'm sure it could save us all a lot of grief later on. I promised my dad that we would take care of Mom and want to see that we are able to accomplish the job.

One of the benefits of going to see Mom is getting to see my little grandson at the same time. He thinks having visitors is fun and likes the attention from us as well as we like it from him. He runs around the house, shows us his toys, points and grunts, and steps gingerly over his great grandma's oxygen hose as he goes along. He will be very good at jump rope one day as he is getting lots of practice.

Rachel did not stick around very long after the papers were signed as she had things to do. Priscilla and I visited with Mom for a bit while the girls chatted and Emma played with the Playmobil dolls and furniture. (Bella stayed home with her daddy today.) We decided to take the girls out to Moe's and get some lunch. Hannah and I shared a burrito while Emma had a quesadilla.

I returned home at about 1:30 pm, just in time to wash the dishes and run the vacuum cleaner before the realtor arrived at the house. We have decided to list our house for sale and see where the Lord will take us. Yes, we signed the papers... scary and not scary at the same time. It is not a snap decision but one we have agonized over and prayed about for many months. God does not speak in a loud, audible voice, so we must trust Him to work out the details as we go, to guide our steps, and light the way. I am not an adventurous person by nature. I like to know what is happening from day to day so this will be an exercise in faith for me. (Sure, go a head and pray that I can relax and enjoy the ride...)


  1. Our circumstances have led us to go the whole route on the things that are necessary legally and practical.

    Choice of funeral home, headstones, burial place, type of service and the whole ball of wax. It seemed surreal to see our names on the stone which will be in place soon.

    We had taken care of the other details that you mentioned a couple of years ago.

    It does give a feeling of satisfaction to know all things are ready.

    Thanks for allowing us to pray the Lord's guidance as you prepare your home and wait for the directions. Been there too.

  2. It is always good to have "ducks in a row." It can be so weird to line them up, but later it helps.

    Glad you had a fun visit with your grandson, to boot! :)

  3. It's nice to give a sigh of relief isn't it? I know I did when we finished up with the attorney.
    I have found as I get older God voices his opinion much louder, or I can hear him better. Think that is because my physical hearing is dimmer so my spiritual hearing is more acute?

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  5. Getting something imporatant like that crossed off of your To Do list, having Mexican for lunch and seeing that adorable little guy...sounds like a very nice day!

  6. I have the same thoughts that Rachel does about Mom. I miss the way things were.

    Martha, about the house...God will lead and guide you. I know you all love the house and the land and it's hard to let go. God will lead you somewhere else to love. Keep looking up.

  7. Joy, I can't imagine making all those decisions ahead of time.

    Stacy, I'm not sure if I should line the ducks up or chase them out of the back yard. ;)

    Judi, I think you're right. God's voice does become clearer with time. And yes, it is a relief to have those things taken care of.

    Rachel, Mom does seem rather quiet, but then we were doing a lot of talking. She does realize the confusion and I think it is perplexing to her also.

    Beth, definitely cute. :)

    Betsy, in spite of the weather, it was a rather nice day. The lunch at Moe's helped. :)

    Thanks, Priscilla. We have really been so blessed living here and it will not be easy when it comes time to move, but God has a plan.

  8. I deleted my comment today because Mom was checking out the blogs and I didn't want her to see it. I didn't realize that others had commented on my comment. She never clicked on the comments, so I shouldn't have worried.
    I don't want her to get nervous about her confusion at times.

  9. Please stop deleting comments. It drives me crazy!

  10. I'm glad to hear that you have taken all these steps. IT is really important to have those papers in place so that there's no doubt who's to do what at a time when it's needed.

    What big news about you guys wanting to sell the house. I'll pray for God's timing in all these things, Martha.