Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Little More of the Same and Then Some

I will likely continue doing the shuffle for many days to come. I am cleaning drawers and cabinets, peeking into closets, and filling boxes. "For everything a place, and everything in its place". If it has a place, that is. My goal is to greatly reduce the load and become more "fluid". (More on that another time...)

The bathroom projects are finally finished. We were temporarily slowed by our trip to California, but not much. It has been painting the cabinet doors that has really been the holdup. Now they are finished and hung, the towel hooks are installed, and all that is lacking is a home for a roll of toilet paper. Little detail. My husband did a beautiful job and I am blessed.

What will be next? I'm not sure. Big changes could be on the horizon. One never really knows, but as the pressures of life build, so does the desire to simplify. Where will the adventure take us? Only the Lord knows.


  1. Very nice!

    I had a Dad who could fix anything, and married a man who can preach a fantastic sermon, say beautiful prayers for the sick, but as our deacons use to say "Don't give Pastor Don any tools!" He had to live with that joke for 27 years.

    Our son, Myk got all his Grandpa's skills.

  2. He does beautiful work. Once again, great job, James!

  3. Martha Martha Martha! and Chip...what a beautiful job..my I would love to see it in person but thankyou sooo much for the wonderful photos as always..another thrill for me was to see, or am I seeing things? do you have one of my photos up there..of the Ferry crossing the Halifax Harbour in the fog??? if so I am thrilled to pieces..not many have noticed any of those that I know of that is..thankyou for the photos though..and have a wonderful week..I love you all..big hugs

  4. I have long wanted to hang the photo on my wall (Bethany has one too... Tall ship, I think), but didn't have the right place. With the bathroom finished, it's perfect!