Friday, March 05, 2010

Far Away, in the Land of Enchantment...

Far away, in the Land of Enchantment a young couple is getting ready for a wedding. There has already been a bridal shower, a party or two, and a rehearsal. They have spent their last nights alone. Tonight they will be man and wife, Mr. and Mrs.

Here in the Land of Ice and Snow, the aunt, uncle, and cousins wish them a life filled with joy and blessings. Inside they wish New Mexico was not quite so far away. They wait (somewhat) impatiently for photos to appear online so they can smile along with all who were able to attend the ceremony.

We have missed many family occasions. Mandy was four before we got to meet her for the first time. Passels of children kept us from making the long trek cross country more than a time or two, but we are grateful for the few times we did have and wish her and Eric a wonderful wedding day! We love you!!!

PS. Aha! A picture!!! They haven't seen each other yet... I really do love the internet.


  1. Oh, happy wedding!! I wish I could be there today... In my dreams, I s'pose. :)

  2. that is a very sweet picture.

    I recently saw a family's pictures from their long distance wedding celebration. Someone had video'd the wedding and played it live on Skype for the long distance group. They had a cake at the ready and everything. It was really clever.

  3. James' mom watched on Skype and enjoyed the wedding very much. I'm still waiting for pictures. Though I do love this one my nephew Jason posted on Facebook.