Sunday, June 07, 2009


Sisters, I am blessed with two of them and we are close enough in age to have a childhood full of happy memories. When my first daughter was small I wished a little sister for her, but the years passed without another girl, instead we welcomed a baby brother into our home. We named him Josiah. After Josiah, Bethany welcomed another little brother into the world. I don't recall how old she was when she actually told me she wanted a baby sister. I wasn't planning to have any more babies and so replied, "And where do you think you're going to get one?" She smiled and replied, "From out of you!"

I'm certain that my dear daughter prayed sincerely for a little sister and in late March of 1993 I was once again pregnant. While we had been prepared for another baby boy when Nathan arrived in 1990, this time the ultrasound had not revealed the sex of the baby. Bethany was absolutely sure, in spite of our warnings, that a sister was on the way. When the baby was born and her Grandma told her that she had another brother, my sweet daughter disappeared into a dark corner of Grandma's house for a good cry. At the hospital I placed the squirming baby in her arms and asked her if she wanted to send him back. She said no and decided Benjamin was beautiful even if he was a boy.

With each child added, our home became not only noisier, but less space was available to put them. James and I had already moved out of the master bedroom of our home and into a smaller room to make space for our crew of boys. Bethany shared her tiny bedroom with Benjamin. Our house was full but God had heard the prayers of a small girl. Expecting once again, the ultrasound this time revealed the baby would be a girl. We warned Bethany that sometimes they were wrong.

By the time Hannah arrived in July of 1995, our first little girl was closing in on 10 years old. She was ecstatic to have a baby sister and Hannah, eager to catch up with Bethany, did her best to outgrow every pair of clothes she owned within three months time. Ten years is a lot when children are five and 15 but as my daughters grow I have watched the gap close. I am blessed to see the love and affection they have for each other and thankful for the answered prayer of a little girl surrounded by brothers.


  1. having siblings is good.
    Come visit my new blog... no memes. :D

  2. Or go to glovzoff and click on the name.

  3. Love the picture of them! I'm glad God answered the prayers of a little girl too. Today I am back to wanting a little girl of my own. I just told Michael that he should start praying for a baby sister and he gave me a look that told me I'm dreaming.

  4. 6That is so sweet, and God hears the prayers of the children. (hey, at least she didn't pray for TWIN sisters, right?) sister and I are ten years apart. She is the oldest of the seven of us, and I am number six, followed by a spoiled little brother. Cheryl and I are best friends, there seems to be no age gap now. But when I was in third grade and she was in college....

    I love the goofy family picture. You are so blessed that your kids get along so well.

  5. Me Too! Me Too! And arn't they beautiful in sooo many ways!!!

  6. oh - that is great! I love this!
    I also love your photo at the top.

  7. Thanks for this post Mom. I love the picture too. And yes, Thank you Lord for my little sister. :)

  8. A precious picture of your girls.

    It so reminds me of Michel and Julie my older daughters were 8 and 9 when Jill came along. They were like little mothers, and you would have thought I had given them a "living" doll to love and play with. Little brother then 5 didn't interest them at all.

    Love your story and your girls friendship.