Monday, June 08, 2009

Where Has Summer Gone?

My poor little garden is looking sad and cold. Our temperatures have not quite been conducive to warm weather vegetables. The leaves are falling off my pepper plants and my tomatoes are not a healthy looking green, rather a reddish brown/green. Even my marigolds are shivering. We decided something must be done and, since my garden is planted in small boxes, the remedy is not too difficult. I just hope it isn't too late.

We went to Loews and bought four ten foot lengths of half inch PVC to form a frame over the boxes and covered this with "clear" plastic. It is held down by sticks and rocks. The hope is that this will create a nice little greenhouse type of atmosphere where my poor little plants can recover from their bout with the not so ideal temperatures of the past few weeks. I'm even thinking it may be prudent to buy a few new pepper plants just in case it is too late for those I already planted. In July, when the Japanese beetles show up, I intend to cover my dear little garden with mosquito netting. (I already encircled it with fencing to keep my dear cats from using it for a litter box. The question is can I thwart all the saboteurs that keep attacking my hard work?)

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  1. We had a garden for a few years when we moved back to Ohio in 1994 but there were so many battles to fight we gave up. It was not worth the hassle for two busy people as we were at that time.