Monday, June 01, 2009

Which Way Did They Go?

Children have been somewhat scarce around here lately. Not only has Troy been absent but Sara and Alysa have not been around more than a couple days each week. Some weeks Josh spends Thursday with his Grandma Jo and often Lucas visits me just one day instead of two.

I should be getting a lot accomplished these days, but I'm not quite sure just what to do. Today I did laundry, a hundren loads! Well, it felt like it anyway. Tomorrow, after prayer and Bible study, I will go shopping and there is a VBS meeting at church in the evening. Tomorrow will be a busy day and I will likely feel good when I fall into bed at night. Wednesday Lucas will return, I think, and it will be another busy day.
Next week our blogger friend Tracy and her husband, Denis, are coming to town. I will soon be busy cleaning my house and doing my best to entertain my guests. We have plans to visit the Rheinblick and Sonnenburg Gardens in Canandaigua. I hope we have nice weather!


  1. what VBS are you doing this year?

  2. Logos, it's a camping theme. Calvary Chapel of the Finger Lakes is doing it too. We will use their props when they're done.

  3. It will be nice to see you all!
    Your grandsons are just adorable! So beautiful and happy!