Sunday, May 31, 2009

And a Graduation Too!

I was invited to attend a graduation ceremony this afternoon. There were seven graduates, dressed in red caps and gowns, with big smiles decorating their beautiful little faces. This graduate said one of the things he liked about nursery school was the puppets (he borrowed them often) and one thing he didn't like was when the girls wouldn't play with the boys. He gave both James and I big hugs and looked very proud to be sitting there with his friends ready to head off to kindergarten in the fall. The teachers both warned us that they might cry and I felt a little bit of that myself. They were saying goodbye to the children they had come to know and love, sending them on to bigger things, and I was too. I'm not really sad, just a little emotional. I've had a wonderful three years with Troy and I will miss him. It's hard to believe he's grown up so fast.


  1. I can't believe it's been three years since you started watching Troy! Wow! What an adorable graduation you got to attend:)

  2. He is so cute. You will miss him. Maybe he can visit you since he doesn't live far.

  3. Alas! I understand. The day before yesterday I was 25. Yesterday I was 50 something. Today I am going on seventy. Time flies when you are having fun.