Monday, June 03, 2013

A Prayer Request

Please, if you are the praying kind, pray for my longtime friends turned family as they face the weeks ahead. This week is the jury selection for the trial of the son/brother who doused his home with gasoline a year and a half ago, and set it on fire. The fire killed his adoptive father and two adopted brothers. His mother and sister escaped. That father was my husband's uncle and his older children are not only my childhood friends, but my husband's first cousins as well.

It is hard to know exactly how to pray in this situation, though we ask for justice to be served, the family is also in great need of peace and comfort, as well as strength to get through the next few weeks. It is impossible to know, and probably even comprehend, what the defense will dig up against the man who gave so much to love and help his children, including the one who ended his life. There is so little any of us can do to help.

(The photo was taken in May of 2004. My MIL had her camera set on the table in her usual sneaky way. Uncle Carmen looked at it and said, "Is that camera turned on?" She lied and snapped his picture. :) )


  1. So sad. Think about them and pray for them often.
    Angel just had surgery on her hand last week...I saw Ed in Wegmans. I forgot to tell you, but you may already know.

    1. I didn't know. Aunt Cindy will be here at the end of the week. She'll be using my cell phone while she's here. Once she crosses the border, her Canadian phone doesn't work anymore.