Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Our "creek" is running and our backyard "lake" no longer takes up so much of the yard. Part of me wishes to solve this Teal Lake problem by installing both a creek and a pond. I know people put ponds on their property, but is it actually possible to install a creek? And where in the world does one come up with money for such a thing anyway?

I've looked at "dry creeks" online and I think something like that might work here if we didn't have to cover such a distance and plow through a knoll to reach the drainage ditch. We'd need several thousand loads of rock to fill the bottom of the trench, and once the creek was done we'd need a bridge big enough to drive the lawn tractor over in order to keep the grass cut. Is taking rock from the lake shore considered stealing?

Little Cat followed me out this morning and hopped across the creek to say hello. She's the rugged outdoorsy type and finds her way into a passel of pictures by tagging along when I have my camera. I think she's rather photogenic, don't you? And her company is nice too.

With all the rain we've had the past four or five days, I think the back forty is looking pretty good. If we can keep the water flowing, maybe it won't be quite so stinky when and if the weather ever warms up. Yup, I think I'm liking the creek idea.

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