Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blah, Blah!!

It appears I may soon be in the market for a new camera. Blah! I dropped mine in the kitchen the other day. The batteries fell out on the floor and the camera card door popped open, but since it fell on the linoleum, I wasn't too concerned. If fell off the picnic table and onto the concrete porch just weeks after I bought it and, other than a scratch or two, survived miraculously well. It looks like I should have been a little more concerned than I was because, although it turns on and displays previously taken pictures, it refuses to take new ones. The button doesn't click and the zoom doesn't move. Double blah!!

Okay, so now it takes pictures and the zoom moves, but I have to squeeze the button really hard to get a photo.


  1. OH NO Martha!!! Will you take it somewhere to be looked at and see if it can be salvaged??

  2. I'm very sorry!!! I know what joy it brings you.

  3. Ugh!!!

    But that little backside shot is really cute!