Friday, May 13, 2011

Silly Kids and Writing Books

It's been a beautiful week of sunshine and blue skies, warm weather and cold lake winds. My "flower garden" has flourished! I have loved almost every minute of the week. I found myself soaking in the blessing of watching little ones pick dandelions. I have snuggled soft, sweet smelling children. And I've laughed at the funny things small children say.

I really should write a book and I think I just might have an idea for the first one. (My little girls really do play the funniest games...) If I ever get a book written I'll need to find someone who can illustrate it for me. Maybe that guy who moved to Minneapolis a few years back,... or that woman who went back to school to become a librarian,... or my graphic designer friend out in Montana,... or maybe that painter friend who let my daughter sleep on her couch out in California... Guess I need to get that story written before I send it off to be illustrated.


  1. Will that be the title of the book... "Silly Kids"?

    I'm sure your book would be a grand success with any illustrator.

    It's so easy to let a dream slip between the cracks... I need to get cracking on Grandfather's Clock too.

  2. I should do a book. Just a book of quotes from the kids would be so much fun! I think Wanda would be a super pic for an illustrator. I'd buy a book for sure! :)