Thursday, May 05, 2011

Body Language

While rummaging around in forgotten corners of old drawers at Mom's house, I found two small treasures, smiling faces painted on small, smooth lake rocks.

Even expressions set in stone come to life when paired with a body. (My good friend Judy painted the rock with the shades.) That is Mr. Carp from "A Fish Out of Water." I found picture books a great resource for small bodies on which to put my little Rock Heads.

(Sorry, I think they're hilarious!)


  1. From Judy... "I remember painting rocks! That was fun. They look great on the kid's
    book pages. Hmmmm....Might be a good idea for a book - sell it with the
    rocks and paints, let the kids create the faces for the characters, stick
    them in somehow, either temporarily as you read it (so you can change the
    faces each time) or permanently, which would require really thick
    Or really thin rocks..."