Friday, May 06, 2011

And a Little Cheese Too

Forgive me whilst I whine...

It is a beautiful day and Hannah has taken two small boys for a short walk. Though the sun shines bright, the wind is brisk and cold. This is the blessing (or curse) of living so close to Lake Ontario. I feel cold but I'm trying not to complain about the weather, especially since the sun is shining. After all it is a beautiful day!

Monday evening I went to bed with a slight catch in my side which turned into a full blown pulled muscle on Tuesday morning when I picked a small child up off his stomach in the driveway. I have been taking Ibuprofen to alleviate the discomfort ever since. The muscle pain has gradually turned into back pain, probably because my posture wasn't so great during the pulled muscle stage. I skipped out on a walk with a friend yesterday because I was feeling yucky and a heating pad has been my friend since last evening. I think the relationship may continue through this afternoon.


  1. Yes, sometimes a heating pad is your best friend. Remember hot water bottles before heating pads??

  2. Yes, especially when they leaked. ;)