Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our New Creek

Gudrun has a creek in the Little Forest and now we have a creek in our yard too; a lake and a creek.

Our good weather streak is apparently over. Today we have blustery winds and rain, rain, rain. I must not complain though, as there are way too many people out there dealing with much worse than what is in my backyard. I'm sure they would trade problems with me in an instant.


  1. What crazy weather we are all having. We leave for Tahoe this week, and I had planned, my long white skirt, a tank top, bare feet, sitting in the sand on the shores of Lake Tahoe...
    Then I get the weather report, that they had 6 inches of snow last night....
    Perhaps boots and Parka...and maybe hot tea enjoying the scenery from inside.

    I hope your creek doesn't get too much bigger.

  2. We've had cold temps and rain, too! Brrr. I got out my woolly gray sweater again! ha.

  3. One week ago here in Kansas the temperature was high 90s, even 100 some places! It was HOT! But, by the end of the week it was only getting up to the 40s again, with lows in the 30s, and I was so COLD! They're calling for more moderate temps this week. :)
    We could actually USE some rain, which sounds crazy considering all the flooding in some places!

  4. Wow! That's all I have to say. ... And ... Let's go to Florida!! ;-)

  5. Florida does sound nice... :)