Thursday, May 05, 2011

Paper Dolls and Carpet Tubes

Apparently my Rock Heads were not quite as funny as I thought...

Today Grandma decided to have some fun with the girls and cut out some paper dolls for them to color. They were very impressed with her cutting skills and spent a good part of the afternoon coloring and playing paper dolls.

Andrew was also fascinated and asked for a set of his own to color. He is the artistic sort, loves to draw, and knows many of his colors already and is not even two and a half.

Vinegar was not interested in paper dolls. He found driving cars and putting blocks down the carpet tube much more exciting than paper and markers. At least I didn't have to worry about what he was coloring on or where he was going with the markers.

I tried to catch something interesting on my camera. This is what it looks like to drive down a carpet tube. :)


  1. Oh some of my best childhood memories is making paper dolls and doll clothes.
    My friend Kris and I spent hours developing wonderful warerobes for our paper dolls.

  2. And now we know!
    (what it looks like to drive down a carpet tube.)

  3. How neat. My 9 year old son can cut out a continuous chain of paper dolls which is prety cool.

  4. It sounds so nice to be able to just enjoy those simple things. I'm afraid those days are gone for me.

  5. That's just plain irritating to comment and find out that someone else was on the computer..."I'm a dummy" no less!

  6. It made me smile. Every once in a while Jake comes back to haunt Rachel too.

    Sometimes these simple pleasures are much appreciated. I must remember to slow down and take the time to soak them in.

    By the way, I can cut out a pretty good string of paper dolls too! :)