Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking in the Rain

Yesterday just couldn't decide whether to rain on us or shine, so it did both. I thought I might take the little boys for a late morning walk, but by the time I got their boots on it was pouring. My friend Pam and I decided on an after dinner walk in spite of the dark and threatening sky. We packed our umbrellas and headed out to North Ponds Park. Last week we walked with Heather too and went around the ponds three times. We had seen a rather large snapping turtle on one of our laps last week, so this time I took my camera along.

No snapping turtle this time but the Canada goose families were still hanging out by the water's edge. They hissed and threatened as we passed, warning us not to touch their little darlings who scarcely noticed our presence. Maybe next week I'll take some bread crusts along to appease their anger.

There was someone else out enjoying the gentle rain too. Though we couldn't get a really good look at him, he ducked under the water when I tried to get closer, we're pretty sure it was a beaver.

By the time we finished our third lap around the park the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to shine. The water was like glass. Our feet and legs were tired and our three-mile walk was over. I fell into bed exhausted and slept like a log. Maybe one day I'll fly around that trail five or six times! Or... maybe not.


  1. Sometimes you see the best things when you venture outside when most people thing the weather is too yucky. Seeing that beaver was a treat!

  2. He was pretty cool. I'm going to be watching for him next time. :)

    I need a rain coat and some rubber boots.