Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's Going On

Activity in the orchard is picking up. We haven't been walking lately as James dropped a rather heavy toolbox base on his foot a few weeks ago. We think he probably broke a toe. It has gone through a variety of pretty and not so pretty colors. He buddy taped it and has been hobbling around ever since. I think our walks may possibly resume soon. At least I'm hoping so. I think his foot is finally beginning to feel better.

The nights have been cool and before we know it fall will be here, my favorite time of year. Soon my "nursery" will be full of tender, young "plants" and school will begin. I'm looking forward to a new season.

I heard my Uncle Chuck might be back in the hospital. He has had a rough time ever since being so sick in May. Mom's birthday is Thursday, her first without Dad. Please remember these two precious family members in your prayers. Thank you.


  1. Adding your mom and Uncle Chuck to my prayers.

  2. adding Uncle Chuck, you mom is always in my prayers.
    you And James are hard on your appendages. your thumb, his toes..