Wednesday, August 04, 2010

my right hand man

i cooked supper. i made rice. i got a nasty steam burn on my right hand when i opened the lid and attempted to turn the burner off at the same time.... my hand is soaking in cold water. i have taken ibuprofen, i have gauze and antibiotic ointment on hand. well, not literally on my hand but available. i think i may be taking a forced vacation. good thing i have a family to help me.


  1. Yikes...burns are the worse! Imagine being burned over 50% of your body or worse...OUCH!! Hoping it heals quickly! Pam

  2. Oh dear Mommy! Good thing you have Hannah! I hope VBS goes especially well for you tomorrow.

  3. Martha, I hope it heals quickly and is not too painful!

  4. I'm so sorry... burns are the worst!

    And steam happens so fast....

    Thoughts and prayers for a quick healing.

  5. I'm so sorry. I hope it heals quickly for you.

  6. k, here is what you do, go to your mom's and have her kiss the boo-boo. It will heal so much faster!
    blistered? aloe gel is the best thing ever!

    when I was sure I was going to hell, I did some research on burns. ;]