Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Vacation Bible School

I survived my second day of Vacation Bible School. Josh stayed overnight so he could go along for a second day and Emma is still trying to decide whether or not she likes this "new school." She is often unsure about new songs and games. If she isn't familiar with something, it makes her uncomfortable. She likes to be the one who knows.

My job at VBS is to help keep track of the Juniors. These are the kids entering grades 5-7 and today we had thirty-one of them. (Just a small group...) They have been well behaved so far. I follow along from place to place and keep a watchful eye. I count students when we get back to make sure no one is missing, and after the Bible story, it is my job to share the plan of salvation. God has been good and so far I have not been totally blank or tongue tied. I'm pretty sure that could happen any day now...

Oh yeah! I went out shopping again tonight and stopped back in Goodwill. I found a couple more denim dresses. They're in my washing machine right now.


  1. I find most of my long skirts and denim at my Thrift Shop.... Usually they are a size too small.

    VBS can be so tiring...wonderful but exhausting. Just had ours a few weeks ago.