Sunday, August 29, 2010

Out For a Ride

Summer is winding down. Soon September will be upon us and autumn will settle in. Fall brings mixed emotions this year and a reminder of God's enduring love.

Today we took Josh and went to the beach at Fair Haven. We are not your typical beach bums, dressed in our street clothes, but we enjoy putting our feet in the surf and walking along the water's edge. Josh played in both the sand and surf and enjoyed himself completely. Too bad we didn't bring sand buckets and shovels. That would have been fun!

We took a long walk out the pier which gave us a wonderful view of the shoreline, but my camera batteries had died back at the beach so I didn't get any pictures. There were boats coming into and going out of the bay making me quietly hope once again to go out on the water one day.

We stopped for a Frosty before heading back for home. It was a nice afternoon and my feet are tired. I didn't drink any coffee today so I am hoping for a good night's sleep.

PS. Uncle Chuck had his heart shocked back into a normal rhythm early this week and is doing great. He and Aunt Mary were over to visit Mom this afternoon.


  1. Oh what cute pictures of Josh at the beach. I'm in need of a beach trip!!!

    Good news from Uncle Chuck!!!

  2. nice beachy shots, glad you had a good walk, Josh looks like he had a blast.

  3. Walking along the beach is so much fun! What a nice thing to do as a family.