Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Wintery Day

Winter blew in while we slept last night. Snuggled down under my covers, warm and cozy, I never would have expected the blanket of white outside. Well, not if I hadn't heard the weather forecast. My house was quiet, Hannah stayed overnight with Audra, Ben was gone with James, and Nathan was at work. It was almost too good to be true. Actually, it wasn't true at all, at least not for long. Sara and Alysa came just before nine and Josh arrived about a half hour later. It was a busy day after all.

I stayed inside as much as possible, venturing out only to grab some firewood or potty the dogs. I listened not to the persistant call of the grocery store, but around 3:30 pm, after Bethany had come for Josh, I ventured out to meet Priscilla in Palmyra and retrieve my darling daughter. I took so long to get there that my sister thought maybe we were stuck in a ditch or a snowdrift somewhere along the way. Tonight we are staying home, eating more junk food, and watching a movie.

So, all this has nothing at all to do with the beautiful baby pictured here. Who is this little darling? I do not know, except that the picture was in a box along with many other family photos taken from my grandpa's house years ago. I assume this to be a family member, but I'm not even sure how to tell if the child is a boy or a girl, or if that can be ascertained. Does anyone out there know?


  1. I would say that the ruffles make it more likely to be a girl, but I know that they also dressed baby boys somewhat girly. Could it be a girl with a curl?...or then again, maybe its a boy...
    Happy New Year! I'm glad you got Hannah safely and got home to eat more junk food before the clock struck 2009. We had some too!

  2. What a great picture to begin a new year Martha.

    We spent last night with our daughter Julie and family and watched an old movie called "The Kid" with Bruce Willis.... It's a great story about a man who forgot his childhood because it was painful....but finds it when his 8 year old self comes to visit.

    Going to watch footballs game and eat junk food today....Tomorrow...back on the Fat Flush Plan!!! (((smile))).

    You have brighten my life this year, Thank you.
    Love and Hugs

  3. Looks like a Shafer, with those ears...

  4. Bethany, you are too funny! I never even noticed the ears. I'm guessing this is either my grandma or Uncle Leo, although I'm not sure why a baby picture of Uncle Leo would be in my grandparents stuff.