Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year and a Spot of Tea

A brand new year, a fresh start. I decided to give up coffee this year. It lasted until I smelled a pot brewing late this afternoon. I decided to try again tomorrow...

This morning I told Ben my New Year's resolution- I've decided not to drink, smoke, or swear. He laughed. "I've decided not to rob any banks or steal any cars" he quipped. I don't suppose we'll have too much trouble keeping these resolutions. I don't drink or smoke anyway and since I was raised in a home devoid of cursing, it has never become a problem for me. Hopefully, my son is not in the habit of stealing and therefore will not have any trouble keeping his resolution either.

Seriously though, I do intend to give up coffee, at least my regular everyday habit. It may be replaced by tea eventually but I won't turn down a good hot cup 'o joe if a good friend makes an offer. Our church fast starts on Monday. Pray for me as I really do need to make some dietary changes and implement some kind of exercise regimine. I have little grandsons to keep up with and I need to lose a few pounds in order to do that.

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and is looking forward to many great days ahead!


  1. Martha, why are you giving up coffee? ya want more headaches? your gonna get em'. If I drink to much coffee I get ouchy lumps in my breasts so I just cut back. :)
    Coffee is one of my weaknesses that I figure
    1 is not a sin.
    2.isn't harmful to the environment.
    3.doesen't endanger my budget.
    it makes me feel good. i could give up chocolate much easier and that is better for my waist. :) Plus, it helps support some third world country somewhere... I think?

  2. No coffee? I tried and couldn't do it. :) Happy New Year!

  3. Yeah, what's wrong with coffee? It's only bad if you drink a lot of it, right?

  4. Gmj, I get headaches whether I drink coffee or not. No, drinking coffee is not a sin and I wrote the post as more of a joke than anything. If I do decide to give up drinking coffee it will more likely be because 1. it tends to disrupt my sleep and 2. I think I could do without the extra calories I add when I dump in the French vanilla creamer. Besides all that coffee can get expensive after a while. All that said, I really haven't given it up anyway. :)

  5. :D, you are making me giggle. I don't have many vices left, tormenting upstate NY sisters is among the ones I treasure, that and my coffee addiction. Don't mess with my last oral gratification vice! I gave up the cigs, the etoh, but darn I work hard at justfying my coffee consumption. :D hugs.
    oh on the down side, it does stain your teeth, I'm suprised Rache didn't key in to that. :)

  6. It's tea that stains the teeth, yes? Cause it's the stuff that stains the cups around here. Gotta brush with bleach if you drink too much of it,I guess.

    Coffee, if I drink too much or on an empty stomach, makes me buzz around the house like a shakey airplane. Trouble is, if it hits me too hard I want to lay down instead of get something accomplished. Guess that means I crash, huh?

  7. Could you please pass the pot this way? I'd like another cup.

  8. Martha ~~ I grew up in a similar home so I feel confident you will keep your resolutions. ((smile))

    I gave up coffee during my first 2 months of the Fat Flush Plan, but now that I'm on maintenance... I have a cup when I want too, but not like I used too all day long.

    It tastes special now that I don't have it all the time.

    We will start our regiment at the Y now that the holidays are over. Hopefully we can stick with a plan of 3 days a week.

    Hope your year is all that you want it to be.

  9. LOL at your and Ben's resolutions. I do believe I'm going to have to copy those!