Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting What I Want

The season of giving... Yesterday a friend asked if I got what I wanted for Christmas. I was unprepared for the question
and not quite certain how to respond. I hadn't really made a list of wants and wishes, afterall, it is still fairly easy to fulfill those desires myself. My wants this year have been for the safe arrival of my new grandson and travelling mercies for my eldest son. These wishes were both granted along with a few material wants, so, yes, I did get what I wanted. The bigger question is did I GIVE what I wanted?
We have all heard it said "It is more blessed to give than to recieve" and my real wish is that I had been able to give more. The trouble is with keeping too close an account of what I give... I need to cultivate a life of giving, giving that comes so naturally I scarcely know it's happening.


  1. Humm... faith, hope and love. :D

  2. How very special these pictures, and Martha... I feel so blessed to have you as a blogger friend... You are a giving person...that's for sure.

    Love and Hugs

  3. I do think Lucas is a pretty fabulous Christmas gift! He is just beautiful, Martha, and I love looking at the pictures of David with him. He just oozes how much he loves being a father. I think he learned well from his father.

    You are such a giving person and I see that in your life so much!

  4. But Heather, it doesn't come natural and inside I know how selfish I really am.

  5. As we all are. But you recognize and admit it, which goes a long way in overcoming that tendency.
    Thanks for a challenging post.