Monday, January 12, 2015

The Snowy Day

It was a good day for making snowballs, but somehow I never even thought of it. It was likely a wonderful day for building a snowman, but I didn't. I was too distracted by the nostalgia of the day. In days long past, when I was still a child in school, I would likely have headed for the woods on a day like this, a Narnia kind of day with snow stuck everywhere.

I am getting slightly attached to this longer, fancier lens...

Rachel and I went to visit Tim today. She had a quick phone call to make before going into the house, so I beat her inside this time. Tim was in the dining room sitting on a chair with his coat, hat, and gloves, waiting for our arrival. As soon as he saw me, he hoisted himself out of the chair and started slowly in my direction, hand outstretched. He was walking! He was slow and not quite steady, but I watched him get out of that chair and start walking to me all by himself. I was proud of my brother today.

We took our ride down those old country roads again, past farms, railroad tracks, a winding creek, and a pasture full of buffalo. Rachel was kind enough to pull over so I could moo at the buffalo and snap their photo.

I'm attempting to keep my days relaxed and at least semi-productive. Aside from a visit to  my brother, I cleared out the Grinch Corner, and baked a loaf of banana bread. Tim enjoyed a bit of homemade goodness today. I wonder if he thought it tasted just like Mom's?


  1. So glad you and the new lens are getting along!
    See.....leave it on....great shots!
    Was your brother not able to walk, Martha?
    Guess I am late to your blog here...missed quite a few years.....
    So glad he had some of your home made goodness...
    And...I am absolutely certain....he thought of your Mom♥️
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    ps....glad you are staying busy...who needs a silly job anyways! Their loss....

    1. I had to look back in my blogs to see where and when I had previously made mention of him not walking. It was mid-June when he ended up in the hospital with incontinence and an inability to walk. Rather than getting better, his ability to walk grew worse until he ended up in a wheel chair and having to change his place of residence because he had an upstairs bedroom in the other home. It's all been since Mom's passing. :(

  2. I didn't realize Tim had trouble walking either! Glad he was today and you had a good time out with him.

    Sounds like a busy day to me...visiting, baking, cleaning. Perfect! Why call that semi-productive? You need to change that to very productive!

    1. I guess I've only mentioned his not walking a couple of times, far and few between. It all started when he was in the hospital back in June, back when he said, "Goodbye to you." He's been using a wheelchair to get back and forth to the car for months. He still is but I'm seeing some hope, and that makes me happy.

      It was a good day today, and I got some pretty neat pictures too.

  3. It was a nice visit! Some time I will bring my good camera too and we can go really slow and take several pictures of the old farms and stuff. I really wish that picture of us with him was taken today. Who doesn't know how to push a silver button on a camera?! Oh well, sigh....

  4. It's nice that he's walking! And what a blessing that you go and take him out for rides. About being semi-productive: I think it's because you have been so busy for so long, you aren't used to what most people might think of as "normal".:) Raising seven children, homeschooling, tending your flowergarden....busy busy busy!

  5. Sometimes I read what I wrote, and get confused. I meant that now that your life has slowed down a little, it seems like you aren't doing enough because you were so busy for so long. Make sense? But you probably are doing more than you realize.:)

    1. It makes sense, but I don't know how to get away from that awful feeling that I need to do more. I don't even know anymore how much is normal.

  6. I'm glad to hear of his progress.