Saturday, January 17, 2015

Down to the Lake

I decided to take myself out of the house today. Along the way I made a detour down to Webster Park and the frozen shoreline. Pretty impressive.

The wind and waves ensure a new horizon every day. I've read that the ice formations can be  deceptively fragile and dangerously unstable. I walked only where I knew there was solid ground beneath the ice and snow.

I didn't bother to walk out on the pier this time. I was alone and not feeling terribly adventurous. The light out at the end of the walkway looks like an ice man on his way back to shore.

The concrete walkway along the shore was a sheet of marbled ice and snow sparkling in the afternoon sun. The knobs and craters left by wind and water made walking on it not too treacherous.

Sticks and weeds growing along the breakwater were coated with a thick layer of ice giving them a skeletal appearance, like piles of shimmering white bones. Once I got to the other end of the footpath I was disappointed at the lack of scenery.

I headed back to my vehicle via a concrete staircase built into the side of the hill. It didn't look entirely safe, but not terribly dangerous either. I didn't feel like going back the way I'd come so I started up. My legs and shoulders, already tired from and earlier "workout," and my backside, bruised from a slip on my at home stairway yesterday, begged me to take them home for a cup of coffee. The ominous stairway was the quickest way there.

There was just enough sunshine to make the stairway pretty, ugly old handrails and all. I'm so glad no one bothered to sweep all those fallen leaves away before the snow fell.

James and I settled in with some Chinese food and a movie this evening. We watched Julie & Julia. Last night was a double feature, Everybody's Fine and The Giant Mechanical Man. Last week it was Get Low. I'm getting to be quite the movie watcher.


  1. Did you have popcorn?
    Great photos of your Lake....
    Looks like my Lake!
    Computer problems fixed?
    Linda :o)

    1. We did not have popcorn tonight or last night. Can't recall what we did when we watched Get Low.
      Those lakes would be hard to tell apart if I didn't know where I was.
      So far, so good on the computer.

  2. Love what the wind and waves did to that ice and snow! Really beautiful! And at least it was sunny!

    I want to watch Julie and Julia....sounds really good.

    1. The wind and wave leave quite a dramatic lake shore. Gotta love it, even if it's often unbearably cold.

      Julie and Julia was a good movie. They were all thought provoking and enjoyable movies. Here and there a word or action to gain a rating, but overall, good.