Monday, January 05, 2015

Back to Work?

Back. Back to...? Back to putting one girl on the school bus in the morning, and back to getting one or two off in the afternoon. Back to not being entirely sure what to do with my days. I've heard nothing from the grocery store bakery, not even an email telling me the position has been filled, though I'm not feeling disappointed. I've been asked about watching another small child, and I've tossed another job application out into cyberspace.

I feel somewhat like I am playing "Blind Man's Bluff." Remember that game? It's the one where you tie a scarf around your eyes, your friends spin you around in circles, and then let you go wandering off in an unknown direction. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the game.

My "Grinch Corner" is looking empty once again and my Christmas tree, which I dismantled on Saturday, is standing outside the front door, still in the stand.  It's time to put the furniture back in order, even if I'm not absolutely certain what order I want it in. Guess I should make up my mind on that one and today would probably be a good day to do that.

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