Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tummy Troubles

Years ago my small son's pediatrician remarked, "we should bottle his genes."  The child was rarely ever sick and had never even been treated for an ear infection. Now he has a much more severe health issue than any of my other children. He has ulcerative colitis. I don't know if this disease actually runs in families, but he has both a first and second cousin who suffered the same affliction on his dad's side of the family, as well as a second cousin on my side.

Nate has been plagued for several years now, attempting to keep the disease under control with expensive medication. Just recently he talked to someone who suggested a dietary alternative. It starts our pretty exclusive by cutting out dairy, fruit, raw vegetables, meat, and gluten. In the end, once his digestive system heals, he should be able to enjoy a varied diet with the exclusion of gluten. My boy is going gluten-free.

Being gluten free is something I have played with for a few years now, but I've not quite been able to break myself completely. In spite of my weakness, I have collected more than a few good recipes and gluten-free ideas. I even turned my 100 Delicious blog into a gluten free website, though I don't post there often.

I talked to Nathan the other day and he says he is already noticing a difference with his new diet. He has some great support from a loving wife. I'm glad Sabrina is so willing to work on this with him. I pray Nate is able to heal completely and enjoy a normal life once again. And I am thankful for a little inspiration to clean up my act once again, because I feel better when I eat gluten free too.

Pictured- two of my favorite gluten-free yummies! Carrot Cake and Pumpkin Muffins


  1. Hi Martha...
    My eldest daughter has recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease...She has suffered for years [she is 38] and is now hopefully on the mend...I have tried baking for her...bought a very expensive bag of gluten-free flour...but I can't seems to get the ratios right...Do I just do 1-1..or is the gluten ratio smaller???
    Glad to hear your son is feeling better...
    Would I find these 2 recipes on your other web-site??
    Any help is greatly appreciated..
    Enjoy your evening...

    Linda :o)

    1. Yes, they are on the website. (I substitute coconut flour for almond because it's cheaper.) (My sister found this recipe and it is a favorite. Great for family gatherings because everyone will help you eat it up.)

  2. I don't know that gluten free flours can be automatically substituted for regular flour, but this is the mix I've found to taste good and work well in gluten free recipes.

    1. Thanks Martha...I will visit there...