Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twilight's Last Gleaning

It's blueberry season and that means it's time to pick blueberries. It is a race between the birds, the bugs, the slugs, and myself. So far, I think I'm winning...

I spent Wednesday morning at church for VBS. I didn't really have a job, but I had to take my kids, who did have jobs, and so I stayed. After an afternoon visit to the grocery store, we returned home. The blueberry patch was calling my name, so before supper I went out and picked a bucketful. After supper James took the kids to church. I stayed home and, while Jasmine and Oreo kept me company, I picked three more bucketfuls. I came in the house when it got too dark to see what I was picking.

Each day I spend a couple of hours out picking berries. I'm never quite sure how long they will last or how much the patch will produce. Thankfully, this year is looking better than last year. I will at least have enough to share with my family. Everyone wants a big bag of berries to enjoy and maybe one or two to put in the freezer for later. Once the picking slows down maybe I'll have some time for baking.


  1. are ya selling any this year?

  2. Oh Martha ~~ if my grandson Jon, could see your blueberry patch, and see those buckets of blueberries....he would think he was in heaven... He loves those blueberries better than candy, cake or ice cream....

    I'm thinking blueberry muffins..

    Thanks for your comment on Sunday Meditation... I will pray for your friend too.