Friday, June 17, 2016

Today Was a Good One

It's been a long, long time since I hung out with my friend Lorrie. Too long. I had an after church breakfast with her several weeks ago when the Cabinet Maker was out of town, but aside from that it's been years. Our meeting last night was an answer to prayer. I've actually asked God for time with her, so when I saw she'd left me a note on Facebook, inviting me to go for a walk, I jumped at the chance. Last night we took a long walk together from her house, down to the Pultneyville Pickle where we ate salads at an outside table, and then back again. It was a gorgeous night to walk.

Today, my beautiful daughter sent me a message and we met up for a morning trip to Babies R Us so she could fix her baby registry and we could do a little dreaming. They're dubbing the little guy "Russell" for the time being, because it is Hannah's practice to give expected children a name whether or not it's permanent. She's not sharing the names they've picked out for later.

It was our day to visit Tim. I called Rachel to let her know I was home from my outing with Hannah and to see if she might want to stop at Yia Yia's for an ice cream on our way out. She said I'd "read her mind!" There is nothing better for lunch (or supper) on a hot summer day than a soft ice cream from Yia Yia's. Our brother was quiet today, but we did catch him smiling when I told a story about getting in trouble for whistling during class in first grade. (I was a talented child even if it was just one short blast. The teacher scarred me for life with her reaction, but my brother found it amusing today and that makes all the trauma worthwhile.)

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  1. Three good visits all in a row--sounds great!