Saturday, June 11, 2016

Just Keep Walking

I know, I've said that before. I really fell off the walking wagon a while back and I'm making a somewhat slightly valiant attempt to get moving once again. It takes a bit of determination, and a good friend helps too, especially if they also want to get moving.

After doing far too much sitting the past month, I have managed to get out for a walk three times in the last four days. (Please do not ask about the days previous. Everyone has to start somewhere... even if it's over again.)

My sister is a great walking buddy. She's even up for a walk if she already had one. She almost hero material!

Not much going on here in the way of flowers, so I must enjoy it while I can. I planted a small garden of zinnias just off the back porch. Here's hoping they deliver, even if I do have to wait.


  1. it's always more enjoyable to walk with someone

  2. Interesting how brilliant mind work, just posted before I visted you.
    You and I could track cats to find the skunk. Although, you'd have to carry the club to cause its demise. I'm good for advice, not action. " I instigate not perpetuate:)

    1. A club?! Oh, dear. I could never clobber Pepe.

  3. Replies
    1. You should hop back on with us. Maybe we could find a great walking spot somewhere in the middle.