Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This and That and Here and There

* Summer has arrived, complete with sunshine and blistering heat. I am not complaining.

* My house is finally regaining some semblance of order and there is great hope that Mom's Room will soon be living space regained. The "guest room" upstairs is ready for our Minnesota family's visit, and the kitchen is slowly coming together. I think the trim is next.

* Working 2 days a week has been both a blessing and exhausting. I guess that is how work goes for everyone. It's good to have a way to occupy some of my time and put a few dollars in my pocket. I'm still considering where else to apply as my present job requires not only a whole lot of sitting, but doesn't offer any way to expand.

* I was blessed to accompany Hannah and Sergio to the ultrasound of their baby on Monday. So cool to see little "Russell" (not his real name) in person. And Nate and Sabrina made the official Facebook announcement regarding their impending arrival also. It will soon be a great  and wonderful challenge getting all the grandchildren into one photograph. I must invest in Tootsie Roll stock.

* Keeping up with The Blog has proven difficult lately. Perhaps it is preoccupation of the mind and perhaps it is the amount of time spent away from home. I have all I can do to write a blog of my own and then find I have neglected to visit my friends. Here's hoping it is a season that will pass, because I treasure my blogging adventure and the many friends that come with it.

* And now, if I am to get anything accomplished before work, I must get my day started. The shower calls, the bed needs to be made, and perhaps a bit of coffee is in my near future.


  1. Oh I like your island in the kitchen. Lots of place to roll out pie dough.

    I don't work, and I still find it hard to visit all my blog friends. I am doing a lot of reading. Having fun using my Library card again.