Wednesday, June 29, 2016

And Then It Was Wednesday

I didn't have to work today. (Cutting back some more with G. and going for an interview with another organization on Tuesday morning...) I thought I might stick around home, clean the house, and catch up with things around here, but I was feeling a little "off" and decided it might be best to get myself up and out of the house.When one is feeling blue, there is no need to stay home and sit in it, so I didn't.

My sister Rachel and I went shopping for Hannah's baby shower, which is on Sunday. It's an early shower since she isn't due until the end of October, but this is when Michele will be in town and we want to include her in the fun. Rachel and I also drove out to see our brother Tim and take him out for a ride. He was his quiet kind of self, a little unsteady on his feet due to a change in meds, but still walking. I always feel loved when he holds my hand on the way back into the house. Rachel and I had already been out to lunch at Panera before our drive to Newark, but we decided to stop at Yia Yai's for a soft serve twist on our way back home anyway.

This evening, after more than enough food for the day, I felt like I really really needed a walk, so I met my friend Lorrie at "our parking lot" in Pultneyville and we went for a walk together. Walking is always better with a friend. This time I took my camera along too. Aside from clouds of vicious gnats, it was a beautiful night.


  1. The Pultneyville harbor is so picturesque!

    1. I like Pultneyville. It's a nice little place.