Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This and That

* I've taken my camera along with me on several outings, but somehow haven't managed to take any photos. The Cabinet Maker and I were up by the lake on Sunday afternoon. Out by Chimney Bluffs actually. The wind was whipping the waves into a fury, but I was deep in an allergic fog and passed up the opportunity. (Read a twinge of regret.) I blame the relentless wind for the fatigue that I couldn't shake. I took two naps Sunday afternoon and went to bed with a nighttime sleep aid (or two, if Benadryl counts).

* Did I mention The Naughties latest adventure? They've had a lesson in skunks. Early in the week the living room smelled slightly of musk. Sabrina thought perhaps a skunk had been hit by a car in front of the house, but I discovered Naughty One smelling a bit skunky and he was napping on the couch. Thankfully, he didn't smell too strong. Fast forward to Friday night/Saturday morning. I smelled it while I was still in bed. The house was dark. It wasn't time to get up, and a pungent odor filled the house. I went back to sleep. In the morning I discovered a very smelly Naughty Two asleep on the loveseat, my usual resting place. He stunk like a skunk. We tossed him outside. I think Naughty One was laughing, but I can't be totally certain... Unfortunately, the little stinker must have decided to sit on the back of my loveseat while freshly christened. I've washed the cover, but it remains somewhat offensive...

*A few changes around here. I'm going to be having every other Wednesday off. The companion who normally relieves me Wednesday afternoons was willing to switch off with me every other week and I opted to take her up on it. Three of our house guests moved into a little apartment of their own on Friday. It's a temporary move until the apartment they'd originally put a deposit on is repaired. It was damaged in a fire the week after they left the deposit. I'm going to miss our buddy Spencer, but I'm grateful for the time we had to build that relationship that was missing previous. He's managed to wind his way deeper into my heart.

* I took myself for a walk this morning between prayer group and work. Two miles today instead of three. I rarely get the targeted number of steps, but I'm doing better than I was the past few weeks.

PS. The photos are from previous adventures to the Chimney Bluffs. That baby in my arms in now 22 years old.


  1. The bluffs is a great place, over the weekend you needed rocks in your pockets so you didn't blow away.

    1. Yes, you did. We never actually made it to the beach. My husband was meeting with a client a few cottages down the road. They were picking paint colors for a room he's doing for them. By the time the talking was done I was ready for my second nap.