Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Tree Felled

The tree was dead. Only the vines, creeping ever upward over the trunk, showed any sign of life. The Lumberjack gazed upward, surveying the task before him. It was a big tree once he was standing underneath it, with two trunks. He knew which direction he wanted to drop it but could only hope for the tree's cooperation.

His chainsaw buzzed loud, and louder still as it chewed through the bark and into the wood underneath. Notches, wedges, and a close eye all helped drop the towering giant in the proper place. With a earsplitting crack and an earthshaking thud Goliath fell to the ground. (I am imagining as I wasn't actually here to witness the terrible spectacle...)

The easy part is over for the Barefoot Lumber- jack. Soon the time consuming, back- breaking task of cutting, splitting, carting, and stacking will begin. Perhaps there will be help, maybe even a party with hotdogs and macaroni salad... Oh, the possibilities!


  1. I'll come... I'll make the macaroni salad. Nothing like having a party to share the work, I love the story. You made it come alive.

    1. Oh, good! I'll get your room ready. How long can you stay.