Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Full Moon Rising

Can you stand a work story? Every day in the Memory Care Unit is different. You never know what can happen...

I was seated in the common area between two residents who were basically sleepy and relaxed. These two intermittently held my hands but didn't really say much. Across the way the walkers walked about. Actually, they wandered about. I glanced toward the nurses' station in time to see "May" wrap her arms around P's barrel chest, lay her head against him, and give him a hug. "Wow!" he said in reply. I had to laugh because much of what he says comes out in garbled sentences but the wow was loud and clear. Next thing you know she was trying to kiss him. (Did I tell you it's rarely dull there?)

The full moon is rising, you know? Things could be pretty interesting come Saturday. The Walkers already appear more restless and that means they wander in and out of other residents' rooms. "Jo" came in to visit my sleeping friend this afternoon. (I'd left the light on and sometimes it seems to be an invitation... My mistake.) Jo stood by the bed watching my sleeping friend, listening to the CD playing, and rubbing her arms as if she was cold. I left her be while she attempted to straighten the blanket, laughed when my friend snorted and she jumped while adjusting the teddy bear nestled nestled in my friend's arms, and was a little relieved when an aide came in and led her back out into the hallway. About five minutes later she was back to gaze at my sleeping friend some more. She adjusted the blanket again, muttered something I couldn't hear, turned back toward the door and turned off the light. I thought maybe she was done, but she returned again to fuss about my friend who was now getting a little annoyed by the attention. My attempts to lead "Jo" gently from the room proved futile. I led her out once and closed the door, but she just turned the handle and came back in. *sigh* When she resisted my subsequent attempt at removing her from the room I thought I might have to summon assistance but she finally gave up and left of her own accord.

Did you know there are still three days before the full moon?


  1. Love, true love...

    "Jo" seems as if she was caring for a small child, perhaps one of her own dear children, such care and tenderness coupled with concern for comfort. So sweet. :)

    1. Yes, I thought the same thing. Sweet and sad both at the same time. She is not normally combative but would have none of my encouragement to leave "her child" to sleep.