Friday, August 21, 2015

Friends, Family, and a Little Bit of Rain

I don't get much housework done these days. Of course, traffic around here has been slower too, so perhaps that is a natural outcome. I just wish someone would tell the Great Dust Maker so I wouldn't have to see dirt accumulate upon table tops and book shelves. Then again maybe if my eyes weren't getting so disagreeable with seeing close up, maybe I would notice the house isn't really staying cleaner even in the absence of children. (ha ha!)

I have come to greatly appreciate my days off. I enjoy working and don't mind spending days with my friend, but there is something infinitely wonderful about the other days when I am able to catch up with myself, a friend, or a family member. Yesterday I was blessed with all of those. My sweet, swell daughter came to visit and encourage her sister with wedding plans. She brought along two loud and rambunctious boys. She didn't know my sweet friend Heather would be coming to visit with her smiling son, but I knew they would both be blessed.

The forecast called for rain and our afternoon plan called for visiting on the back porch. For a time all went according to plan and then dark clouds began to gather in the west. The rain eventually made its way our direction and for about half an hour we were able to stay on the porch and visit in spite of the downpour. There was no thunder or lightening, just a deluge of rain, and so two little boys scampered about the yard making wonderful summer childhood memories. (There is nothing quite like the downspout shower at the corner of Barn 3!) Then the wind turned, showering us with spray and threatening to soak Davin and his wheelchair, so we made a hasty retreat into the house.

Today the house is quiet and Hannah and I are planning to address some envelopes with wedding invitations. I guess we'd better get started.


  1. Who is getting married? Love all the pictures, especially that little rainmaker. Sending hugs.

  2. Well then I would have to say a BIG congratulations to our sweet Hannah....can I have an invitation? I must have missed the announcement when I was on my trip...will have to scroll down.

    1. I didn't make a very loud announcement. Just a couple of little ones. I'll put your name on the list.