Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Work and Stuff

Work and other things that fill my thoughts and time have made blogging a challenge the past several weeks. My camera sleeps often and my days are filled with sitting next to my friend or in her room while she sleeps.

Yesterday was long and uneventful, but on Saturday we had a real live fire alarm. Apparently an air conditioner started smoking inside a locked office. Everything turned out fine and no one had to be evacuated, but lunch was an hour late. My friend's heated recliner appeared to be malfunctioning too as the heat would not turn off. I reported it to the nurse. It was soon hauled off on a maintenance cart and replaced by a new non-heated unit. My friend, feeling ornery in the evening, called me a not-so-nice name, which made me laugh. She kissed me goodbye later, told me she loved me, and all was good.

Here at home, in between work and stuff, Hannah is planning a small and simple wedding ceremony for September. That makes going to work early and coming home late hard.


  1. Your baby is getting married?! Wow, and congratulations!

  2. Sounds perfect...
    You will miss her being around...I am sure...
    Happy for her!
    She is a lovely young lady!
    Linda :o)

  3. I love weddings..........congratulations to Hannah :-)

    Marilyn from Canada